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The automatic strapping HU-702 now also available in other versions, how different frame sizes and bandwidths. Also available as a Fully Automatic Strapping Machine.

BildThe Humboldt Verpackungstechnik GmbH from Neunkirchen-Seelscheid expands your series of compact and fast strapping type HU-702.

The series HU-702 now consists of compact equipment, Page aggregate machines and fully automatic machines can cover almost any application.

Automatic strapping machine in compact version,
Model HU-702 for the use of polypropylene tape with the width 5,
6, 9 or 12 mm,

The machine offers the following standard.

– PLC control provides high reliability
– Electronic heating temperature control
– infinitely variable belt tension – electronically controlled
– Soft power for soft and sensitive products
– automatic strap ejection at Fehlumreifung
– Function display with LCD display
– Triggering the Umreifungvorganges by foot pedal, Hand switch or photocell
– lightweight design, high safety standard
– automatic strap threading at working height
– automatic ejection of remaining strap at tape end
– direct drive motors 24 Volt (DC motor) therefore very quiet, no wear of chains
or drive belts
– high performance of 65 The pace of my pro.
– Working height settings
– wear-free force pilot tape guide system from a
part consisting, for exact parallel strapping
– Patented belt guide, open with a handle for cleaning
– Brush under grants precise positioning of the PP tape around
the product
– Machine CE-Compliant

The main points are the very high speed of 65 Cycles per minute, direct motors which guarantee a very quiet operation and reduce the wear parts to a minimum.

With these new innovative products, the company Humboldt Verpackungstechnik GmbH represents the wishes of the customer and offers a practical solution for everyday peculiarities around the Transportgutverpackung.

Humboldt Verpackungstechnik GmbH
since 30 Years we have been in the packaging, focus outside- and transport packaging, active. Our product range has expanded greatly since and we have extensive expertise in the field of strapping machines, Stretcher and especially in the production of automatic and fully automatic packaging lines.

Our customers include all major manufacturers in virtually every industry.

Depth expertise and years of experience, innovative developments and strong partners are the basis of our performance. A modern manufacturing plant, who has the latest and highest level of technology, completes our appearance.
We achieve our high quality through a well maintained over the years Quality Management. Each time a high degree of flexibility is ensured, because we can deliver our products directly and without long delivery times.

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