study: Employees are further out of personal interest, But in many companies, this potential remains untapped

shows the representative survey "value of education," the crowd Academy: Training needs a higher profile in the company.

study: Employees are further out of personal interest, But in many companies, this potential remains untapped

Freiburg, 15.04.2019 – 9 from 10 Workers form continued again. What inspires, is the desire to learn and the personal success. In sharp contrast to it stands, that development by the companies only every third employee is expressly required. employer, However, the active use of employee motivation, fully exploit their potential through staff development and training.

Further training of staff is often not aligned with corporate goals

The main motivations of employees for training are personally motivated: The joy learn and personal development (78 percent), the connection at work (69 percent) and the career advancement or. a higher salary (38 percent). Is striking, see that only three out of ten respondents, that their personal development also contributes to the success of the company. However, this is no accident, because even at just a third of the staff training is specifically requested by the employer.

for action: Continuing education must be strategic management issue

The fact, that around 70 Percent of employees either active or demand their training themselves privately organize, shows, that companies still view personnel development as downstream topic. The importance of staff takes with top expertise for the company's success in the face of current challenges such as digitization, changing markets and the shortage of skilled workers continuously. "Who just 30 Percent of its workforce signaled, that their training is desired, risking its competitiveness. We recommend, to make staff development a central strategic management issue ", so Dr. Jörg Schmidt, Managing Director of Haufe Akademie.

Knocked out criteria for employees: Little time, lack of support, lack of appreciation

But the study also shows, that the willingness of workers, to invest private budget or free time in training, has fallen as a result of social change with a strong awareness of work-life balance in the last five years. Were with the previous survey 2013 still 68 Percent of respondents willing, spend their own money, are there currently only 57 percent. The willingness, use of free time on weekends or holidays, is declining. The results also show, that whole 11 not educate percent of employees surveyed. Their main reasons are: The seemingly lack of necessity in the current position, lack of deals and financing by the employer as well as lack of time.

Training in addition to the work becomes more difficult

Currently, men make more frequent further, than their female colleagues. The reason is probably still in the different professional- and family biographies. The more important it is, organize training so, that they can be integrated into everyday working life. This is primarily due flexible formats, small units and the right time. "Here lies a major lever for staff development: Who offers training not only in addition to working, promotes entrepreneurial involvement and practice transfer and so raises the potential of all employees,"Advises Schmidt.

Conclusion: Companies underestimate the importance of training

Based on the results above all is clear: Many companies still do not realize the importance of education. Thus, the objectives, stand behind it, does not communicate. Finally holds firmly Schmidt: "The employees are highly motivated, However, the personal resources are scarce. The more it is up to the companies, to recognize the motivation of employees and to use as an important potential and with much higher priority within the company. "

Study "value of education"

For the representative study "value of education" asked the market research institute Forsa on behalf of the Haufe Akademie nationwide 1.018 employee. The survey was conducted in August 2018 conducted as an online survey. The current study builds upon the first survey "value of education" from the year 2013 but.

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