Seminars recruitment – Headhunting 2019: the new generation of talents! – Seminars in Leipzig

Active Sourcing: A new impetus for your recruitment – find talent: Social networks and online job boards for your recruitment – Techniques for successful and accurate candidate interviews

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Munich 15.05.-16.05.2019

Leipzig 15.05.-16.05.2019

Nürnberg 05.06.-06.06.2019

Bremen 05.06.-06.06.2019

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target group:

> Managing Director, Board members, chief clerk, owner, personnel manager, Employees Personnel officers, HR,
> Human Resources Manager und Social Media Manager.

Your benefit:

Tag 1
> Recruitment currently – Erfolgs-Instrument Active Sourcing
> Tools for professional personnel management
> The candidate interview in practice: Interview- and discussion rules

Tag 2
> Do not be manipulated by candidates – use questioning techniques targeted
> Why appearances are often deceptive: select candidates accurately
> Loosen Difficult situations in interview

Seminar program for the seminar headhunting 2019:

1. seminar:

Personnel search currently – Erfolgs-Instrument Active Sourcing:
> New Media: Opportunities and added value for your personnel work
> Employer Review sites on the Internet: Transparency or propaganda?

> What reputation does your company on the Web?
> Search strategies for recruiting the best specialists- and managers
> With the right online activities, the presence at the best specialist- increase and executives targeted!
> The right candidate specifically identify and successfully appeal

Tools for professional personnel management – use questioning techniques targeted:
> Successful use of career websites, Online job boards and career blogs
> What personnel platforms there are for your industry?
> To what social network you will find the suitable candidates?
> The right strategy is crucial! Linking Online- and offline recruitment in the search for candidates
> Three steps to success: The “perfect” find candidates, discreet appeal to and excite specifically for your company
> Kandidatenansprache: More candidates by better jobs

Successful recruitment – but how?
1. Your individual search strategy
> Together with the participants step by step desired candidate profiles is sought.
2. Job search from the perspective of a candidate
> On what terms are searched? What attracts attention? How are from prospective applicants? What information of interest to the candidate most?
3. learn from others
> Best-Practice: which must be followed – Field reports
and case studies

The applicant interview in practice: Interview forms and discussion rules:
> Preparation of meetings: use job specifications and application forms, to lead to strong interviews
> Time Management Interview
> Choosing the right strategy Interview
> Proven communication skills – Up a professional interview guide
> Good Guy und Bad Guy – use change in perspective in an interview

2. seminar:

Do not let candidates manipulate – use questioning techniques targeted:
> The 8 most important question strategies
ask> Right and listen properly, to be seen through without candidates
scrutinize> breakthroughs in targeted CV
> questions, you should not ask – Legal aspects in the interview
uncover> Backgrounds – Compliance Check on your CV

Why appearances are often deceptive: select candidates accurately:
> Do not be blinded: typical perceptual- and errors of assessment in the candidate selection
> read between the lines: Warning signals in statements on career
> First impressions count – the last impression remains
> Invalid conclusions and unconscious insinuations

solve difficult Situatioinen in interview:
> You brake from talkative!
> Move Silent to talk!
> Get back to storytellers to earth!
> Curl tactician and Shy from the reserve!
> Avoid errors – Creation of an observation- and evaluation system

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