Guyana Gold Strike ready for the first phase of diamond drilling in the first quarter 2019 Gold Project Marudi, Guyana, South America

Guyana Gold Strike ready for the first phase of diamond drilling in the first quarter 2019 Gold Project Marudi, Guyana, South America

8. November 2018 – Vancouver, Canada – Guyana Goldstrike Inc. (the company or Guyana Gold Strike) (TSXV: Gryaa, OTC: First time, FWB:1ZT) is pleased to announce, it currently offers Bohrunternehmern for the right to diamond drilling gold project Marudi of the company (Marudi or the Property) im Goldgürtel Guiana (Guyana, South America) obtains and examines.

The planned Phase I drilling will focus on Toucan Ridge – a new gold discovery area in Marudi. The target zones of the first phase will focus on the different locations of the trenches along the ridge, have successfully confirmed gold mineralization. The target zones are further clarified after completion of the report on the magnetic and radiometric measurements and verified by the technical team. The main objective of the first phase is, to confirm the mineralization at depth. The target zones are open in all directions and are currently excavations underway, in an easterly direction along the 1,75 run-kilometer target area in the area of ​​the ridge.

Below is a map of the target area Toucan Ridge with the locations of the associated trenches entitled Map Toucan Ridge.

Drilling is expected to start in the first quarter 2019 to start. The company has for 2019 more Diamantbohrphasen planned. The additional phases based on the drill consequences of Toucan Ridge and the depth appraisal wells in other target areas within the concession area. In these areas, excavations are planned specifically with priority for the areas with the best exploration potential. The aim of the program in 2019 is it, to expand the mineral resource estimates from Marudi. Further details on the first phase and the drilling program 2019 will be published in subsequent press releases.

Toucan Hill – Diamantbohrloch TH 93-844

A historical borehole was drilled near Toucan Ridge. Romanex-Sutton drilled in 1993 in the area Toucan Hill, 300 Meters south of the ridge. The hole intersected 39 Meter section with increased mineralization values, including 3 meters with 0,82 g / t Au in a depth of about 180 Meters from surface level. The hole ended at a depth of 230 Meters below surface level in the quartz Metachert host rock, without that this has been completely cut. The location of the borehole is characterized in map Toucan Ridge below.

Mineral resource estimates and most important analytical results from the zone Mazoa Hill

In the year 2012 Pierced previous operators in the zone Mazoa Hill, including the current mineral resource estimate of the company. The area of ​​Toucan Ridge is located approximately one kilometer north of Mazoa Hill Zone. The analyzed data indicate, that the mineralized zone is open in the depth and the southeast. The mineral resources in the zone Mazoa Hill include:

– 259.100 Ounces of gold contained within 4.428.000 tonnes 1,80 g / t Au in the Indicated category; and
– 86.200 Ounces of gold contained within 1.653.000 tonnes 1,60 g / t Au in the inferred category.

For more information on resource estimates, refer to the technical report entitled Marudi Property Mazoa Hill Mineral Resource Estimate readers, which is available under the Company's profile on SEDAR.

Subsequent find selected assay results from the diamond drill 2012 at Mazoa Hill: Goldstrike – NO – Solicitation of Drilling for Q1 – Nov 8 2018 Final_DE2PRcom.001.jpeg

Note: The specified lengths do not represent true widths.

Recent excavations at Toucan Ridge, the 1,75 Kilometer target area

To date, the area Toucan Ridge excavations were with a total length of 1.748 Meters performed and 518 samples taken. The target area covers more than 1,75 Kilometers east of the trench TTR 18-06. Heretofore, in this target area as a whole 7 Trenches dug. The excavation sites are planned there, where the quartzite Metachert becomes apparent or should be transported below the top layer.

About quartzite Metachert (bedrock) bei Marudi

The project Marudi are all so far discovered important gold mineralization with the medial quartzite Metachert (bedrock) the Marudi Mountain lineup verb reasons. Gold occurs in magnetite- and hematite quartzite and in the magnetite silicate iron formation before. The mineralization of the host rock can be changed on the surface at different levels of the layers by erosion. Therefore, all the discoveries of quartzite Metachert be considered in the concession area as an important indication of a potential near-surface or in-depth mineralized zone, the to be explored by trenches and holes.

LAGEPLAN TOUCAN RIDGE Goldstrike – NO – Solicitation of Drilling for Q1 – Nov 8 2018 Final_DE2PRcom.002.jpeg

About Gold Project Marudi

The company is developing the Property in Guyana, South America. The project has a 18-year mining license Full Access, access via an all-weather road, existing infrastructure and a well-equipped camp with staff, Service buildings and an active full-time camp manager. The property includes three known gold-bearing areas: the alluvial areas, the saprolite and the underlying hard rock.

The project historical diamond drill holes were former operator 42.000 Meter (141 wells) carried out, in the course of which two zones of mineralization have been delineated: the zones Mazoa Hill and Marudi North. The company has carried out a mineral resource estimate for Zone Mazoa Hill recently; this resulted 259.100 Ounces of gold in the category Displayed within 4.428.000 Tons at a grade of 1,80 Grams / tonne (g/t) and 86.200 Ounces of gold in the category Derived within 1.653.000 Tons at a grade of 1,60 Grams / tonne (g/t). The company has discovered a third mineralized zone recently, Toucan Ridge. This zone is currently at the center of the excavation program 2018 the company. There is excellent exploration potential for the discovery of additional mineralized zones through the development of already newly identified mineralized targets in the bedrock in the project.

For information on the mineral resource estimate and the project we refer the reader to the following report: Technical Report: Marudi Property Mazoa Hill Mineral Resource Estimate, A technical report on the concession area Marudi, Resource estimate for Mazoa Hill, for the company created by the Global Mineral Resource Services and available at as well as on the Company's profile on SEDAR

About Guyana Gold Strike Inc.

Guyana Goldstrike Inc. is a Canadian gold company, focused on the exploration, Development and operation of gold project in Guyana Marudi, South America, concentrated.

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About Guyana

The Republic of Guyana located in South America next to Suriname. The official language is English. The country is under British common law and has a democratically elected government. It has a mining law and an extensive history of gold production. In the year 2016 were in the country 690.000 Ounces of gold promoted by operators. The Fraser Institute led Guyana in its Annual Survey of Mining of 2016 als drittbestes Rechtssystem für Bergbau im Hinblick auf die Attraktivität von Investitionen in der Untergruppe Lateinamerika und Karibisches Becken auf. Guiana Shield ist die geografische Region, in der Gold lagert. Sie ist weltweit als Goldregion ersten Ranges anerkannt, hochgradig höffig, noch wenig erkundet und weist eine geologische Kontinuität mit Westafrika auf.* Im Jahr 2016 erklärten zwei Minen in Guyana den Beginn der kommerziellen Produktion: die Lagerstätte Aurora (Guyana Goldfields) und die Lagerstätte Karouni (Troy Resources).

* Independent Technical and Environmental Review Karouni Gold Project – Guyana (Unabhängige technische und ökologische Prüfung des Goldprojekts Karouni – Guyana), Behre Dolbear Australia Pty Ltd, 29. April 2016

Qualifizierter Sachverständiger

Locke Goldsmith, M.Sc., P. Eng, P. Geo, Chefgeologe und Explorationsmanager des Unternehmens, ist ein qualifizierter Sachverständiger im Sinne des National Instrument 43-101 – Offenlegungsstandards für Mineralprojekte. Locke Goldsmith hat die technischen und wissenschaftlichen Inhalte dieser Pressemitteilung geprüft und genehmigt.

Folgen Sie uns auf: Goldstrike – NO – Solicitation of Drilling for Q1 – Nov 8 2018 Final_DE2PRcom.003.png Goldstrike – NO – Solicitation of Drilling for Q1 – Nov 8 2018 Final_DE2PRcom.004.png Goldstrike – NO – Solicitation of Drilling for Q1 – Nov 8 2018 Final_DE2PRcom.005.png

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