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Idéales Radelland Deutschland: Tips for beautiful tours.

One of the most beautiful river cycling routes in Germany runs along the Oder and Neisse (source: Hurcks / radtouren.ne)

Cycle tourism is booming in Germany. More and more people spend their holidays on the bike saddle, including thanks to electric drive support increasingly elderly. And leaders in popularity is clearly Germany. No wonder, there is hardly anywhere else such a good infrastructure like this country. Plenty of cycle routes and river bike paths make it hard to choose: Where should we go? Cycling portals on the Internet with specific first-hand tips.

First-hand tips

So lists about the website http://www.radtouren.net/ Advice over 130 Bicycle tours within Germany on. round 50.000 Km has the journalist Dieter Hurcks (69) for it for more than 20 Years between the North Sea coast and alpine laid back, since 2010 often with a pedelec. Thanks to this Tour Reports everyone can, is still undecided about his route selection, advance take a picture. To 72 Bike has produced the author photo exhibition DVDs. He also has some books for cycling friends written as the title "pack cycling or: Where is Kurt "about" amusing and enlightening "while cycling in the group. In addition researched the bike tour guide "Asparagus Route" a self, 750 km round trip along the Lower Saxony Asparagus Route. The books are published by Books on Demand.

Round course or route?

Those arriving by car and has its wheels in the luggage, drives the easiest one round trip. By the Hessian railway cycle path to the 5-river bike path in Bavaria, the selection ranges. The author: "The signposted cycle route network in Germany is now so tight, that everyone, able to read the card, can put together their own circuit. "A bicycle navigation device or smartphone helps, to navigate through the cycle network.

Haul routes across the whole country as the "plateau route" between Aachen and Zittau or the network of D-routes allow, penetrate into even lesser-known parts of Germany. "A card should always have", recommends that the cycling expert. For only the signs can not rely.

Search accommodation

In the "cheat sheets" of his bike ride reports Hurcks has many useful information housed at a glance as links to the GPS files and the tourist organizations, which are usually also assist in finding accommodation. Quarters can be found just across the German Bicycle Club (ADFC: Bett and Bike) as in the Radwanderführern. More and more tourists associations also offer special brochures for cyclists on.

Who rides his bike through Germany, experienced his country much more intense, easier to learn to know people and their customs and traditions. And, as the author of radtouren.net: "He can not only see Germany, but also hear, smell and taste. And that characterizes much better one than with a road trip!“

source: Hurcks / radtouren.ne

The journalist Dieter Hurcks describes on his website radtouren.net his experiences to more than 130 Bike tours, he in the past 20 Years, mainly made in Germany. In addition, he has now 72 written photo show DVDs on his bicycle tours as well as some books on tour cycling.

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